Friday, January 28, 2011

OSA Alumni Show 2011 - Shenckman Art Centre, Orleans

To the left is a great photograph taken by Charelle Evelyn , a community reporter, who attended the opening of the show January 13th, 2011.

As artists we appreciate getting the attention of journalists near and far so thank you Charelle for dropping by.

I love this image which illustrated her well written article about the exhibit published in the Orleans EMC. The photograph shows my ceramic piece called The Storyteller or let me tell you how I lost the fin... Geraldine Petit-Gras, also a ceramic artist and my fellow 2009 OSA grad friend in the background, is busy considering something to do with art, the universe and everything while my amphibian waxes poetic to you the viewer.

The show is a good mix of styles and mediums. The gallery at the Shenckman Centre is really beautiful; very airy and inviting. I like showing there.

I have three ceramic works on display at this years Ottawa School of Art Alumni show.

The Storyteller or let me tell you how I lost the fin...

stoneware, underglazes and glazes, cone 6

front view - my colour image, reminscent of the one published in the EMC.

clasped arms in back, one of two head fins gone... how - when- where - why ?

Broken Zipper 2009
stoneware, cobalt carbonate wash, cone 6

Broken Zipper
side view

I like it when I make things that look like they will tip over

Wise Owls and Crazy Loons Bathe in These Waters
stoneware, glass, underglaze cone 6

This is a birdbath depicting the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill on one side of the river and the Gatineau on the other. This piece is actually a glorified Chia pet as it won't be truly complete until I add some oat or grass seeds to the surface of the Gatineau and grow some greenery. I'll need to add some water seal stuff to make it water tight too. My hope is some little birdy will one day perch atop the red Parliament building, eat some of Gatineau Park and drink from the cool river waters.

BTW that's my mom waving to the camera in the background of my second bird bath image. She was happy to be surrounded by art and artists and to be near the snack table - plenty of compelling reasons to drop by an art show on opening day.

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