Monday, September 09, 2013

Downtown Markham project - progress at the end of day #1

I have until Friday at 5pm to create my idea of The Perfect City.
Here's what transpired on Day#1:

The day began with coffee and treats and then we were given our substrate material: 2 sheets of dibond.
10' x 4' each piece
 Dibond is aluminum with a plastic coated surface. Our two sheets will be installed one above the other, so the seam goes horizontally through the center of the work.

The Remington Group have provided us with a tent to work under if the weather is bad, but we have to work flat on the ground.
Being only 5'5" that's not a lot of perspective on my work so I chose to prop it up at the back of the lot against these construction boards. The weather held, so it was a good choice for me.

Tomorrow's weather calls for 33C, with humidity, feeling 42C or something. Yikes. Wednesday is 30C with thunder showers. We just have to roll with it. Art-making is not for everyone.

By the way, I will be working on site, at 162 Enterprise Blvd in Markham (off Warden) from around 10am to 4pm everyday this week. If you want, you can stop in and say hello. It's ok. I asked.

removing protective sheet
priming with a high adhesion primer
2 boards primed
dibond in the Canadian landscape
the start of my composition
the stage is set

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