Friday, September 13, 2013

20min to spare. Day #5 of 5 of Downtown Markham project

I arrived on site at 9:20am and finished at 4:38pm, with 20 min to spare. I'm satisfied with what I created for this project. 

All day long the work of the artists who didn't work on site filtered in while about six of us continued to push through the day to complete our work. The variety, and the depth of the work, is really amazing. What a great cross-section of style and concept. I am looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow when they are installed in their permanent construction-zone location. This is the corner of Birchmount Road and Enterprise Boulevard in Markham. Depending on how they fare in our climate, the boards could be up for a year! 

And with that, here's  my last day on this job, in pictures.

arrived early, but others were already working. cold this morning 11C and drizzle too

Ladies, when was the last time you felt safe sitting in a park at night by yourself?

started Scenic and it ended up looking like this
proceeded to Civil
look! drivers! signalling! yielding! how very civil!

hand heart 

I pulled the boards outside for touching up, and embellishing

and tried to get a full image of both boards together by standing on a chair

you get the idea here
I left my panels for the installers to take after my 2nd coat of sealant dried. 
Can't wait to see all 20 of us tomorrow!

Voting for your favorite work starts Sept 26th and runs to Nov 1st. I'll post more on that when I find out the details. 
I, of course, ask for your support!


Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

Cool! I'm looking forward to another picture when it's put in place.

Jessica said...

I especially love the night view - "safe" gorgeous work!