Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Every Odd Numbered Day -Memoir & Backstory Blog Challenge, - 1 of 16 - TOPIC: childhood

Today begins a month's worth of blog posts on the topic of memories. 
This blog challenge will have me writing on all the odd numbered days in October. 
This first week we focus on childhood memories.


Malted Milk Bars

Taking me by the hand
Frank Bower leads me to the kitchen.

We walk past pictures in black wood frames
high above me
careful to avoid white shiny
breakable things with gold edges
perched on flowery crocheted doilies
an endless expanse of
end tables lies ahead

We pass through
lemon Pledge furniture polish scented air
on our way to the
giant white refridgerator
whose door
with its heavy rounded corners
is like a low lustre photograph
Frank's old worn hand
pulls the long silver bar toward him
and it opens slowly,
the blast of cool air wakes me

Malted Milks.
two bars
snuggled side by side on a plastic ledge
waiting for my visit

all the energy I need to make it through
this Sunday visit with my grandfather's friend.


Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

Lovely! I like the kid's eye view of pictures high above and shiny breakable things and the long silver bar.

Deb Stone said...

I enjoy how you lead us through wondering, is it her boyfriend? Is it her brother? Is it her grampa? Oh, it's her grandpa's friend. He kept two candy bars for the days you would visit. I hope he was a good guy.

Susan Hawthorne said...

Sweet and evocative! Love the "child's eye" perspective of the piece!! Well done! :)

redcatdance said...

Hi Deb. In this case, yes, he was a good guy. Thanks for the comment!

And thanks Joy for the comment as well. I totally remember those refrigerators with the long spring pull handles. When did they disappear anyway??

redcatdance said...

Thanks for your comments Susan! Much appreciated.

Claudette Young said...

I like the style given this memory. It tells its story in a short space but with plenty of visual detail for the reader to fill in the blanks and feel part of the story.

Good job. Malted milks--yeah, those were the days.

Jane Ann McLachlan said...

Lovely. I really like the way you always stay withing the child's point of view!

Pk Hrezo said...

Hi there! Great to meet you! SOrry I'm late to the party. I love how you recollected by verse. Very nice!