Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Memoir and Backstory Challenge: wings #2

This week's theme for Week 4 is: Roots and Wings. Memories/poems/pictures of home, of leaving or finding it, and/or of travel or journeys or changes. Where we have come from and where we are going: A theme that is often rich in imagery and emotion.

Traveling By Water

Crossing the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys
I couldn't help but think that the water down here
is exactly the same colour as all those postcards I used to see in thrift stores,
all the ads in the magazines,
all the romantic backdrops on the afternoon soaps.
It all really exists.

I didn't know until I saw it that I didn't think it did.

The impossible turquoise and the improbable blues
the sun warmly shining 
onto this endless swimming pool emptying into the Gulf 
and then into the ocean.

Eventually some of this water must travel the world,
joining the currents,
washing up on shores far far away.

Maybe some of that Keys water finds its way here
to the Rouge River, 
central Canada.

Maybe it's sitting in my town's reservoir
waiting to fill my tub for my next warm bath.


Jane Ann McLachlan said...

Nice. I remember that road. Slow, but beautiful. As always you have a great ending for this poem - surprising but apt.

Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

I've had that experience with ocean colors, too -- but never expressed it so well.

Deb Stone said...

Beautifully said! Isn't it breathtaking to discover that a lovely photograph is indeed a rendition of a real place. It's good to breathe that air, feel that water, press that sand between our toes for the days we will be far from that color.

Amanda M. Darling said...

I love the lines "shimmering, swelling, the sun warmly shining." Great images