Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A Return to My Faithful Blog - Canada Day 2015

Happy Canada Day.

I've spent every day, except maybe 3, of the last 5 weeks at the pottery studio. The result? Close to 80 one of a kind ceramic objects, mostly functional food safe vessels. Plus I have over 50 ceramic pendants and several sculptures. I am having a great time moving my motifs onto the ceramic form. There is much to consider and I like that. While I do not throw most of these pieces, once thrown and sufficiently dry, they are in my hands. All the drawing, carving, painting, underglazing, waxing, glazing, bisque and glaze firings are up to me with help from my fellow pottery guild members when needed. 

New work 2015: cups and plates
The push for all this creative output came from the realization that I am in quite a few shows this year. And as usual, the year has flown by. Already half of 2015 is behind us. I have felt "behind" since February and certainly since learning I was accepted into most of the shows I applied to. I am grateful but I have a real working year this year. Since moving to Richmond Hill from Ottawa I have worked to regain my footing and I can say I finally feel grounded now. It;s no wonder, really, that I am "all of a sudden" busy. I prefer it this way.

And with that, my first summer art show* is this weekend in Elora, Ontario.
Art in The Yard is in the yard of the Elora Centre for the Arts. The show is this Saturday and Sunday, July 4th and 5th, from 10-5pm, which are very decent hours for a summer outdoor event. This will be the first time I am only presenting ceramic work.

I have been collaborating with an excellent potter, Minda Davis, who has thrown many pieces for me to work on.

The Kitchen Wizard - plate, top and side views- cone 6 stoneware - sgraffito - approx 14" diameter, 1" deep
We've also collaborated on work for the Aurora Farmer's Market and show her work, my work and our work in our booth there.
The Empty Bowl - approx 6" deep and 12" across
Minda's forms are a challenge to me. I do throw pots, but can only manage small vessels. I believe in collaborative art forms.
Four and Twenty Blackbirds: exteriors around the bowl
Inside of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds Bowl    approx 5" deep and 14" diameter
Those who know me will see many familiar motifs. Ceramics are such a labour-intensive, time-consuming, planning-ahead-required, art form. So very different from directly carving on a wood or lino block or painting on a canvas. I like the challenge clay offers and the feeling of these things in my hands.

To think it all began with friendly plastic in 1991:  Happy Fish ceramic cup

Tomorrow, when it's cool enough, I will open my last glaze kiln before this weekend's show. I have several large showy things in there. There will be a sneak peek here. Can't wait to see them.

*other summer and fall shows:

The Purple Turtle Art Festival, July 11 and 12th, The Briar's Resort at Jackson's Point, Ontario

Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Artist in Residence, July 30 - Aug 6, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill, ON

Uxbridge Art in the Park, August 15 and 16, Uxbridge, Ontario

Aurora Farmers' Market on the other Saturdays when I am not at an outdoor show

Fall Shows confirmed:

Richmond Hill Studio Tour, October 17 and 18, Burr House location, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Heintzman House Auxiliary, 44th Annual Artisan Craft Sale, November 14 and 15, Thornhill, Ontario

Hill Potters' Fall Sale, November 2015, Guild Hall, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Toronto Potters' Fall Sale, December 10 to 12, Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto Ontario

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timothy said...

Wow Katie, this form really suits your work well. Congratulations on your productivity. I predict an excellent show season for you!