Friday, July 10, 2015

Elora Art in the Yard 2015

My first outdoor show this year was Elora Art in the Yard.
I chose to apply to this show because for the past 3 years I have tried to make it out to Elora to see the Halloween Twilight Zoo, sculptural monsters that artist Tim Murton creates and installs on the buildings in the town.

Here's a link: The Twilight Zoo

I figured if a town allows and encourages that kind of thing then it's probably a good place for me to be.

And I was right.
 And there were monsters at our venue.
larger than life size!

Having experienced many outdoor events and venues, this one ranks near the top in terms of me feeling valued as an artist. This is not always the case. 

At Art in the Yard the volunteers were fantastic.
Donna, a fantastic volunteer.
It was a hot summer weekend, well it was a perfect weekend actually, and we were offered slices of watermelon, pitchers of cold lemonade, water and fruit punch.
Sarah Gardiner, show organizer (!) bringing us watermelon.
It was just a nice, thoughtful gesture. Every hour someone was asking if they could get us something, if we needed a break, if they could booth sit for us.

In addition, I met several board members who introduced themselves, asked how the show was going, wanted to know what was happening from my perspective. It was all very impressive.

my booth

Astonishingly, not one person haggled with me. Not one. I don't think that has ever happened at an art show to me before. I asked my neighbour and she had the same experience.

The attendance at the show didn't seem super high, though at times it was quite crowded, but the space we occupied was big. So my perception could be far from the truth of it.

 What was apparent though was this was a crowd of art lovers and they were all appreciative of seeing art and artists. I wish I could tell you this happens all the time but it is rare.

 I thank the people of Elora, and those who attended the show, and the Elora Center for the Arts for their hard work and thoughtfulness toward the artists. May this show, and all their other ventures throughout the year, bring them success.

And as long as I am making wishes, I hope to get to see this year's Twilight Zoo at Halloween!

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