Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Photos: Purple Turtle Art Festival July 11 and 12, 2015 The Briars - Jackson's Point, Ontario, on Lake Simcoe

                       This past weekend I showed my work at the Purple Turtle Art Festival.

The Briar's Resort

It was located on the grounds of a resort called The Briar's in Jackson's Point, which is a small community on the south edge of Lake Simcoe, Ontario. It really feels like cottage country.

visitor entrance and parking

I like the small (well, some are still small) wooden cottages but the shoreline is almost all claimed and the public access is close to nil, which was disappointing.

vendor entrance

but I saw this bunny in the shade. bonus bunny.

I did get a few sneak peeks at the water but I didn't have time to take a dip.

turn by the red barn into the field and park there

I was driving back and forth to my home after the show (about an hour) and if I had stopped to swim I'm not sure I would have made it home safely. That will be for another day.

view from my booth. missing in this image is the drone of the generator and the tickle in my throat on day 2 when the gas fumes came my way.

Hopefully the hot weather will continue for a while yet. Temps during the show were around 30C plus humidity on the Sunday.

the RC car that buzzed the park. a lot. it buzzed the park a lot.

You know it's hot when people pick up a small ceramic cup and say "oh this is so heavy." One woman asked what it was made of. 

trailer detail - lino stone floor

I said stoneware. 

a little somethin' somethin'

"STONE?!" and she gave me a look and walked away. 

this bench!!!

The show, as you can guess, was not my most lucrative, but the encounters I had were hilarious. 

this wrench!!!!

Or I had sunstroke. 

bench and swing made from the back of pickup trucks-that part that folds down when you put stuff in it

Either way I enjoyed myself. 

Best Walking Stick ever!
BBQ with one of the tallest trees I've seen in these here parts
Meal Ticket, cause working artists need that.
View of Lake Simcoe through a veil of heat and humidity

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timothy said...

Love the customer comments. So many memories. The title "something" is perfect--so much better than the go to "untitled". Tailgate bench is the best!