Sunday, December 16, 2007

All I did today was stare out the window

So I went to bed last night wondering if it was really going to snow as much as they said it would, this being 45-60cm, almost 2 feet of snow in the next 24 hours. When I got up and saw a 4" band of snow across the windowsill of the bathroom window in the second floor, I thought oh oh, the weatherman is right today. We all know they're sometimes wrong. But not today.

Looking into my backyard, I watched all morning as the snow overtook my solar lights, which I probably should have taken in by now, but they were useful to mark the progress of the snow. What you see here is a good foot of snow over the course of the day.

Kitty X lives in a whole other strata. 3 feet from the ground is her point of view. She won't go out into the snow at all, but she likes me to open the door so she can peek out the screen into the backyard. She sniffs the air, and this counts as "going out" to her and that means when she "comes in" she gets kitty cookies in her bowl. So we go through this game a few times a day. By the late afternoon her view was totally blocked.

She gave up and pouted.

Meanwhile at the front of the house some guy decided he was going to drive in this. Uh huh.

Every 4 feet the car got stuck, spun its tires, dug in deep, and these two guys grabbed their snow shovels and dug him out. Every three or four feet. I have no idea how far this guy got. You'd think he'd stay put, but no. Some people will not let a little weather stop them. I hope he took his shoveling minions with him.

I did at one point open the door to get a real look at poor Santa Star!

I put this Christmas decoration out for the first time ever this year. I've had it over 10 years I think, a fabric stuffed Santa with a black poodle on his lower half (nothing says Christmas like a black poodle folks!) and after only a week out he gets totally dumped on by the snow.

*sigh* Santa Star I know how you feel.

I just hope we get a sunny day tomorrow.

Thank goodness it's Winter Solstice soon.

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