Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And now for the weather

When I left for school yesterday this was view down the row from where I live looking north to the neighbouring yards. Snow and more snow. I thought my class could even be cancelled but having missed my 2 classes for the term I have to get there or fail my class, so I got there. In the Byward Market in front of the school it looked like this
and looking into the market it looked like this

If you look you'll see someone with an umbrella. I never know what to think of people using an umbrella against the snow. I suppose it'd be good to shield you from the wind, and I guess the falling snow, but it seems very ineffective somehow, and just another thing to deal with on top of the extra layer of clothes, the mitts, the hat, the scarf... is it really all that much of an advantage to use the umbrella in a snowstorm?

And when I got home this was waiting for me

a snowy doorstep and nowhere good to put my coffee down while I searched for my keys
standing calf deep at the
trying to get in the house.

Most winters I've gone through the whole season wearing running shoes. This is a winter boot year for sure. Unless it all melts soon...

A girl can hope.

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