Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay. Here's the deal.

Are those even complete sentences? Yes, by George they are.

Anyway as I was on the bus going to school this afternoon (printmaking class. etchings continued. did 4 prints; 3 sepia 1 colour; next week: intro to soft ground) I could not maintain a happy frame of mind. Unusual for me. So I had the trusty free metro paper at hand and as I was leafing through it, getting caught up with the latest celeb to check herself into rehab after talking loudly through the director of The Butterfly and the Bell Jar's award speech at some Hollywood thing, (I didn't know this actress...) I thought I'd read the horoscope and see what it says for me today. Here's the guidance it gave me:

SCORPIO | Oct. 24- Nov. 22

A meeting is the setting for foul language. A man rubs somebody the wrong way. An awful event leads to a lucky break.

WTF? It seems so off the mark. Sometimes the horoscope feels neutral, at best I hope for it to be true somehow,or sort of true, but this one? It sounds more like a poem to me.

Foul language
wrong way rubs a man
an awful event but
lucky break

I may have stumbled onto something. Maybe I'll try and make a poem from the metro horoscope more often. I've had the urge to write lately. It's good to heed your urges. Keeps the old creative fire burning.

On another note, I was surfing this site and looking through the various "how to do art" videos uploaded and apparently it takes 41 seconds to learn the basics of colour theory, and a minute to tell you how to be a self taught artist. And it takes 5 minutes and 43 seconds to teach you how to get out the door in 2 minutes (This is in the beauty section. I think we can all get out a door okay right? Do we need a video?)

Love this site. Tres amusant.

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