Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Ridiculous

I was at the dollar store this afternoon and found two aisles of Valentine's Day stuff. Already! Even worse, there was a half an aisle of St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia next to it. Nary a Santa or a Rudolph to be found. All gone, whisked away on Boxing Day no doubt.

As I was walking among the shades of brilliant red I stumbled upon this:

I think this is the worst Valentine's Day item I've ever seen.
I had to have it.
It's a stressball heart!

Nothing says I love you like "stress".

Nothing says I love you like
"I can take your heart and crush it in my hands,"

or "I can stomp on your heart at will."

I love the ludicracy of this item. And for a dollar. How can you go wrong?

So after I took the heart pictures, I was going to make supper and wanted to use the cookware I got for Christmas. I took it from its box and found this on the pots:


What is that? Oh, it's this:

What could I possibly cook that would require my pots to be reinforced with titanium? Makes me want to find something to cook that would make me feel really good that I had titanium and not, say, stainless steel, or copper, or Pyrex. But that's a quest for another day.

And I just wanted to mention this. On a recent shopping trip over the border to an American Price Chopper I picked this up solely for the label:

If you look close, you'll see this is Lee Iaccoca's Olivio Margarine.
Lee Iaccoca?
All I remember about him is that he was the saviour of Chrysler Corp a few decades ago. Maybe all that high level stress did him in and he looked for a good heart-healthy margarine, couldn't find one, so he made one.
I don't know.
Cars, margarine, corporations, stress hearts, quantanium. It's a lot to ponder on a frosty January day. Sometimes the world seems ridiculous to me.


Tim Hunt said...

I loved the mini-van, now I've got to try this man's margerine! Thanks for the tip Katie!


redcatdance said...

The margarine has a nice cadmium tone with a solid body that flows onto your bread the way the power steering of a chrysler minivan handles over black ice. A winner!

I recommend it.