Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Made Fresh Today - Jan 1, 2008 - Bull

Here's another experimental piece. It's supposed to be a bull, but the horns seem so long it reminds me of a Texas Longhorn. It was supposed to be menacing but those big eyes seems so wanting, so needy, so adoring!

I didn't cook the plastic for this one, just melted the edges together. This method of attaching friendly plastic to itself is really a temporary one. Over time it'll fall apart.


Michael said...

Hi! I have to say I'm wild about the 3d-ness of the new ideas. I like the move toward sculpture as it opens the range of places you can go with FP. Not all of us will wear a pin, but anyone can decorate a desk or workstation with a bit of sculpture!
And eyes? Well, cartooning books tell you about eye shapes related to emotions. Full round eyes with pupils full and centered can really only say either "I'm scared" or "please love me". Without eyebrows, even those are hard to separate.
If I had eyebrows here, I'd wiggle them up and down!

redcatdance said...

All the 3d-ness is a very recent desire. My brain is now slowly able to shift into 3d mode from it's very natural 2d state. I give credit to all the drawing I've been doing the past year and a half. You have to "see" things to draw things and the ability to rotate a form in my mind's eye is evolving. Though I still really adore the flat.

Eyes. I am afraid that all my fp creations will always have an element of cuteness about them. I think sparkly, garish colour can only = fun which for me, I guess also ='s cute. You just can't go wrong with big big eyes.

Anonymous said...

I fight the 3d-ness of my brain (when I'm not in class or doing assignments), does this mean all this drawing and painting from reality is going to make this even harder to supress? Please tell me NO!

Your new sculptures are great!