Saturday, May 03, 2008

Current Exhibition #2 - Lee Matasi Gallery Ottawa School of Art

In the Lee Matasi Gallery at the Ottawa School of Art I am in a scholarship award winners' exhibiton along with Corianne Coutu, another student at the school. This is a two week display which started May 1st and goes to May 14th. Here's the show. I encourage you to go in person if you can and check it out.

Pre-show, at home on the couch preparation for the show.

Entryway to the show

Wall with Corianne's linocut, and three of my prints

Main wall of my work

A few of my pieces and Corianne's work

Corianne's paintings and a print


Kelsey said...

It's a really good show, congrats.

Found the website from your card *waves*


redcatdance said...

Kelsey! Thanks :)