Friday, May 02, 2008

Ottawa Farmers' Market 2008 Begins This Sunday

Well it's that time of year already. It seems to take forever for the market season to start and then all of a sudden it's here and YIKES! I am still working on getting my booth stock together. Still hoping to have a new display (nope probably won't) and wondering where the heck my name tag is... got my apron though. It's been hanging by the door since the end of market last October. I invite anyone in the Ottawa area to come on out on what the weatherman says will be windy and rainy Sunday. But who cares? We're back! Bring an umbrella if you need it and say hello. We can all shake our heads and congratulate each other on getting through the Ottawa winter of 07/08. Need a reminder? Here's one:

This was the sidewalk I to the bus stop. See how it was just a little foot path down the middle? To the left was the snowbank, piled up to my waist. Wow. Amazing. This was winter 07/08.

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