Monday, May 26, 2008

First I got ready for my markets and now I'm getting ready for shows...

Since I last wrote I started the Carp Market. As usual I was pressed for time and had to do a massive push to get things done. Here's a shot of a container of friendly plastic characters, fresh from the oven, trimmed and ready for their pins to be glued to their backs and then mounted onto cards and titled. lots of steps to get one jewellery piece ready for the market. This bucket held 90 characters that I made over a week. Here's a shot of what 90 looks like.

I'll show what a few look like close up finished and on their display cards a lady a lady bug
a bird and a mermaid.

Don't you love the luscious full colours of this stuff? I do. Love it. So shiny.

And where do these little lovelies live? Here. This is the craft building on the Carp Agricultural fairgrounds. I took this during setup the day before market started for this season. And here's an interior shot of my Carp Farmers Market booth as I set up for the season.No pins on my boards yet. But I do have my sign, completely made of friendly plastic, up.

Meanwhile Ottawa market is in full swing. The crowds are large and enthusiastic.

Everyone is happy to be out and catching up with each other and how we survived the winter this year. We are all so relieved to finally experience the good weather.

Somehow Mobius Tim and I re-configured our shared booth at the Ottawa Farmers' Market. I say somehow cause we have tried to do this for two years now and with the simple change of two tables, one to the front and one made smaller at the back, the whole space has opened up. And it takes us about 20 minutes less to set up and take down.
We're thrilled.

And this is a shot of the Ottawa River as I drove back from the Sunday market yesterday. The sun was perfect reflecting off the water. It was our first truly summer day.


And, oh look! So shiny....

Now to get ready for Art in the Park in the Glebe a week from this Saturday. Lots on the go. Lots. More on this later.

Here's something new I made for the Glebe show... but I've had to bring it out already at the market due to my work being popular right now (thanks everyone)... enjoy!

The Big Bet 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas

... yes those are the keys to a BMW on the line...


Anonymous said...

Fun to see your pictures of the markets, the plastic creatures too. Now I must come see it all in person. Don't work all the time, haha!!! Nice post.

redcatdance said...

Purplepotatoes I'm taking your advice and asking the boss for some vacation time... think I'll get it? ;)