Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini Holiday Time! Off to See Mr Warmth: Don Rickles!

It feels like it was just yesterday we went to see Wayne Newton (see my review here )and this time tomorrow we will be exiting the theatre after seeing Don Rickles.

Don Rickles.

I mentioned in my art class that I had tickets to see him and a friend said with such venom "I would NEVER pay to see that man ever." Whoa. It's been years since he was regular on tv. the last thing I remember him in are those Dean Martin roasts. He was just a regular performer when I was growing up, who seemed old "way back then". I figure if he's still performing now, at age 82, he really loves to do it and it truly is what he does.

I decided last year to make the effort to see the people who have had a big career and to try to figure out why, what did they do to get that and to keep that? As I get older and keep trying to "make it" I am more and more curious about those who have done just that and in a big way.

Here's a good review of a documentary about Mr. Rickles released last year. It's also a good summation of his career.
I hope to be able to see it soon.
We've got wifi at the hotel so I'll check in after the show. As with Wayne Newton I plan to sketch Mr. Rickles as he performs. I have no idea what we'll see. I hope to laugh out loud several times. I will be riveted to the stage no matter what happens.

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Tim Hunt said...

Can't wait for the sketches and your review. Safe drive home:]