Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On the Fence

Looking out my back door I saw this kitty sitting on top of the fence. I snapped this gauzy shot through the screen door. I tried to get a better image through the window but she saw me move and took off.

I was working away and felt the summer heat rising. It's been a very tropical summer here in decidely non-tropical Ottawa. Pretty much every day we get a rainstorm. Usually thunder and lightning. 60%-70% probability of precipitation everyday. Every night the temperatures go below 20C. I love it. I know there are plenty of locals upset with all the rain. I know there are plenty of locals who'd like a day free of the rain. But for me, I am totally enjoying it. Since I have to work at home and make a ton of stuff all summer, I haven't had a string of days where it was too hot to work. Last year I was ready to buy me an air conditioner after a week of temperatures that didn't go below 28C. I'd rather have this.

So later on I looked up and saw this squirrel flaked out.

It's very weird to see these scurrying critters relaxed like this. Guess they feel right at home. I've seen plenty of them in the neighbourhood eating good stuff from the gardens around here; cucumbers, tomatoes and my hostas and the flowers off of my gardenia! A squirrel was crunching on that the other day so I brought it in. Curses!

I went back to work and the next time I looked up the sky was black, there was an rainbow and bright sun reflecting off the brick, and a minute later it was pouring rain.

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