Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two More Arts in the Park here and gone

So it's almost the end of August. The usual summer shows are over. Each of them predictable in terms of weather but unpredictable in terms of turnout.

Strathcona Park this year was fantastic! I think that the rain held off until 3pm made a big difference. People came out to enjoy the nice Saturday, a rarity this year.

The lady with the duck hat was back

What floored me were my fellow vendors. A few of them ran for their vehicles at 3pm when the rain came.

They then drove onto the site, which they weren't supposed to do at all, and brought their cars in while people were still walking the paths looking at the art! Hello? This is really dangerous. Not to mention bad for the show which was supposed to end at 5pm. Perhaps they had a bad day and just wanted to go, don't know, but I cannot believe they weren't stopped somehow. Amazing.

The Kingston Women's Festival had a great Sunday weather-wise but the turnout was much lower than usual. Those who came were a lot of fun but where was everyone? I have found over the years that if the weather is generally poor throughout the summer, if you finally get a good day, you take advantage of it. The summer is just so short. My guess is people were simply out doing other things. Cottage? Camping? Traveling? Can't blame them. Fall is starting to show itself already. I saw some leaves turning on my ride downtown this morning. Along the Ottawa River Parkway I saw blushing red amongst the trees on the Quebec side of the river. Seems too early to me but that doesn't mean it's not happening. I'm hoping for a great Fall.

Here are some scenes that played out in front of my Kingston booth...

An amusing non-plastic bag unknowingly walked by the plasticmaster

and later...

...and right after we made it home from Kingston, the skies opened up. This year, I can pretend I live in the tropics, just no fantastic palm trees is all.

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