Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New Friendly Plastic Work - Mirrors

Carp Farmers' Market
Out of My Mind booth
My booth looks great here. I had to dismantle the whole thing Saturday afternoon as Carp is having it's Garlic Festival this coming weekend and I won't be there. It's too bad but it conflicts with Strathcona Art in the Park and so someone else will be in my space for the garlic lover's weekend.

Full display boards at last! It only took 10 weeks to do it!

Oh. I still see an empty space... rats.

love this toothy fish

flying dragon and earthbound penguin (sold)

queen bee (sold), baby, moose(sold) and a gold kitty. the usual.

saucy moose (sold)

optimistic kitty

pretty bird (sold) and sheep with good taste


Linda said...

I like your work!
They were all made of Plastic?
Looks Great!

redcatdance said...

Thanks linda... yep all plastic. Love that stuff.