Sunday, December 21, 2008


welcome back sun.

Winter Solstice arrived at 7:04am today. Snuggly, under heavy covers, I watched the clock as it brought back the sun. I look forward to Winter Solstice more than any other event during the whole year. I can now accept the snow on the ground, even though it arrived weeks ago. The cold and dark make sense to me, but I also know the days are starting to get longer and we are marching ever forward into Spring. Our forecast today includes a snowfall warning: 15 to 20 cm. Even Vancouver has a warning for 20 cm of snow as does the east coast.
I am not alone in this.
The snow has already started here and it's not the kind of snow you can make a snowman out of. I've been thinking of snowmen and what kind of snowman I want to make when I get the chance. That's not today.
Today we'll be shoveling off the doorstep and the walkway
clearing a path out and back. This kind of weather makes you appreciate the roof over your head and creates a deep feeling of gratitude to have a place to stay in from the cold.
I am lucky to have that.
Happy Winter Solstice.


Rrramone said...

Happy winter solstice to you too.

And I had to share this video with you since you are into plastic. I made it as part of a school project this year. :-)

redcatdance said...

Hello Rrramone! I watched your video. Interesting. Have you made more plastic things? And are you an art student or teacher? I'm a student... last half of my last year coming up! woohoo.

Thanks for sharing.

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