Thursday, December 25, 2008


I got up this morning and found two stations broadcasting a burning yule log.

This one was like a blazing inferno, complete with lots of wood crackling sounds. Christmas music was playing over the fire sounds and if it was meant to be soothing I'd have dropped the music but I imagine it was supposed to be a nice background to the madhouse of gift opening that happens Christmas morning. We all can share in hearth and home you know?

I found myself going back to this yule log. It was understated and dark, kind of moody. I missed the fire sounds and it had the Christmas music too. But the range of colour was better: deep blues and purples, oranges, yellows. Better television all 'round.

This is my favorite Christmas card send to me by a friend. It's an Amnesty International card and I love it.
Merry Christmas and Peace to all who read this.
And if so inclined... more on modern yule logs here (it started in 1966!):


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redcatdance said...

Gee. You weren't kidding Anonymous! What a great link. Thanks.

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