Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Perpetual Morning Sun: Out With the Old, In With the New

I spent the last four days getting my kitchen in order. I hope the old saying about as the kitchen goes so does the rest of the house (I think that's a saying) is true because I am in a full on pursuit of a tidy house. By the end of the year I want it to be so tidy that I never need feel embarrassment re: the state of my home again.

This is the best view in my newly painted kitchen. The colour is Morning Sun. I chose it as I rarely get morning sun in my kitchen and I am finding that it is impossible for me to be mopey around this colour. It is also, coincidentally, Spongebob Squarepants Yellow! On the other side of this room are cupboards that are hideous. I'm talking caramel-coloured fake wood-grain patterning.
I am looking into making decals out of contact paper to cover them up, or "enhance" them.

Here's the link I found at Threadbangers I'm going to follow

I don't want to paint the cupboards. What a lot of extra work for a rental unit you know? I did find yellow acrylic knobs for 75 cents a piece at Lee Valley Tools. It'd be $13.50 to replace all my kitchen knobs. A real bargain. Anyway this is how I am spending some of my days of sloth pre-final school semester. And I think painting my wall has given me the bug to paint canvases again. I may even do some for ebay, I haven't done that in over a year now.


Timothy Hunt said...

your astronaut painting looks fabulous on that yellow wall. Now I see why people buy artwork to match the couch.

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