Saturday, December 13, 2008

End of Term - One More to Go

Franklin - As seen on the last day of my fall 2008 term.

I've never had a name for this guy and it just came to me, Franklin. So here's to Franklin in all his glory, braving the wint'ry weather on the last day of class for me in the year 2008.

As hard as this weather seems, my term was harder. I worked very hard and produced many things. I think I did good.

And besides school projects I submitted to a few "call for artists" for charity fundraisers and I managed to get my AMACO friendly plastic challenge off in time, did two craft shows and submitted work to the school's Christmas show and sale as well as make an edition of 6 etchings for the Year of the Ox exhibition at Proof Gallery in Toronto. I also joined the Nanowrimo "write a novel in a month" challenge (this means write 50,000 words) and while I had to stop by the end of the first week at 5,000 words, with a real story just beginning, my 3 other cohorts completed their word counts. Here's to Karen and Tim and Mike! Salut! I was drowning in 3 seas of work: school, ceramic studio duties and my business. Just barely stayed afloat.

At the end of all this I am burnt out.

And now, with all this time on my hands, I can't go nowheres anyway. Our local bus system is at a full stop. They are striking and without a car and without $ I'm not going anywhere. So that's how that is. I hope they return to work soon but don't expect it to happen until after the holidays. Ah well. Time to relax anyway.


Timothy Hunt said...

Franklin seems to have been waiting a long time for that OC transpo bus. You sure have accomplished a lot in a short time. Thanks for the fresh post.

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