Monday, April 05, 2010

Carp Easter Market - temperature 31C!

I woke up on Saturday and saw this sign of spring. This little bird was about all that said "spring" that day. The bright neon red sun that rose in my rear view mirror as I headed west to Carp looked more like one of the glorious mid-summer sunsets I have seen sitting on my favourite rock at Britannia Beach than an early spring morning sunrise.

It was spectacular.

No pics as I was driving with both hands.

The crowds were happy as they walked the market site. The summery weather made everyone relaxed and at ease, unless you started thinking about how weird it was but never mind that!

Let's enjoy the day for what it is. It could have just as easily been a snowstorm, or freezing rain. The market vendors were mostly in the agricultural hall, a few signed on to be outdoors (they really threw the dice and got lucky!) and a few of us, (myself included), were in the market building's rotunda.

Long shadows of a bright summer sun in early spring. Sandals. No socks.

Main gate to the site of the Carp Farmers' Market

Mural painted on the side of the agricultural building commemorating the Carp Fair, held every September.

During set-up the sun shone brightly putting everyone in a great mood. Here's the market building with its gorgeous new signage. I was in this location for the Easter market.

My space inside was small and sort of round. I had a minimal display here. My regular market booth will have three walls which will be full of friendly plastic things, paintings and mirrors.

Here is the Carp Farmers' Market calendar for 2010.

We open May 8th for the regular season. The hours are 8am to 1pm every Saturday.

My table top of paintings.

A fine selection of friendly plastic, some old favorites and some new designs. I have re-discovered my medium in getting ready for this show. More on that later.

Entitled "Love" this little painting is my current favorite.

I adore his toothy grin. He is more caressing the boat than crushing it, though, like when a cat licks you and then suddenly sinks his teeth into your flesh, you never really know what this green guy will do.

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