Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A rusty and irritable first go at making prints again.

I started the day with a visit to Yoffee Coffee. I don't have a coffee maker in my studio yet so this is where I've decided to go for now. It's on my way up to my studio so it convenient, and yes, it is all because of the name. And it looks like I'll be getting free coffees in no time, especially if I don't get that coffeemaker.

My neighbour in the garage where my studio lives was telling me that this year it's going to be cold in there. I am in an enclosed room with two heaters, both given to me to keep me warm. One is called the Microfurnace. So far it does the trick. I just got a clock for the studio and it has a temperature feature on it which will come in handy. When I left it was 14C/57F in there. About 7C/45F in the garage outside my door. So long as it stays above freezing my supplies will be ok. I sure hope it doesn't get to that. Anyway. I'm not cranky about the temperature situation. It's not a surprise and it's still warmer than an EZ UP canopy outside this time of year.

paper, rulers, inspirational image, microfurnace, pens, blocks
Today's job was to reacquaint myself with making prints. It's all I've been thinking about. I've been anxiously meeting all my deadlines, finishing commissions, wrapping up the year, all to get to this point. I have one woodblock carved that was meant to be printed overtop of another larger block. I've proofed the carved block, back in the spring, and today I was going to make the background print and then tomorrow print on top of it.

template for my print paper and woodblock positioning
Figuring out my layout took over half an hour. Tearing the paper was irritating and I didn't tear enough as I had to stop mid printing and tear more. Of the 4 I made, 2 were suited to today's task.

inks, spreaders, small sponges and q-tips (don't like these I decided) gloves, brayer and glass
I inked my block. I burnished it and it went well. I approached the print block and the ink more like paint and canvas, and that bugged me. I wanted to just switch over into print mode but it's not like that. I'm going to have to feel it out again.

block ready for printing
paper on inked block
I was working on my tabletop on the floor. I've lost a connector pin to attach one of the four legs to my table. I tested this table before I brought it over there so, where did that go? The legs are IKEA, circa 2002 - the date the table was made is on  its underside. I will be replacing them, but not this week. I'm just on the floor.

part one, done.
I am showing you the best of 3 prints. It was the 1st one. The second is weak and muddy. And the third one shifted on me as I placed it, so it's not good for this project. Maybe something else.

I have to work out how best to use that room. I need to efficiently lay out my space. I'll be crankier about it the more I use it because I'll know what just isn't right. I don't want any kind of delay, any learning curve. I just want to be in the work, you know? It's going to take some time, but at least I have started again.


Jessica said...

I love this first go - very painterly. And congratulations on selling the Hillary House print. Can we see it? Do you have an image to put up?

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