Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wrestling with my print: I win.

I headed off to the studio again, determined to face that print and finish it.

yesterday's print overtop of today's inked palm tree block burnished until the ink showed through but not until the paper ripped

I inked up the second block and very carefully placed it on top of yesterday's printed background. I flipped the block over so it was underneath the paper and started to burnish. I could see the inky lines start coming through so I knew it would be a good print.

paper on top; inked woodcut beneath it
After peeking at the image and going over areas that were lighter so the image would be even, I was ready to see the whole thing.

Skyline     12" x 12" woodcut monoprint  2012
And here's the complete print. Two blocks printed, one on the other. The background block was twice the size as the carved palm tree block.

It feels fantastic to be getting to my Key West projects, all a result of my memorable time spent in residency at The Studios of Key West in February.  I'd say it's perfect timing to turn my mind to this subect matter. The snow was flying today and we're in for our first deep freeze tonight.

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