Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thinking about the apocalyse. it's soon isn't it? Advent Day 6

I was stopped at a red light this morning and right there, in downtown suburbia, I recalled that the apocalpyse is supposed to be soon, isn't it? December something 2012, right?

As I looked around me the traffic started to inch forward and all the SUV's, all the mid size cars, the odd Smart car and the few, very very few, pedestrians bundled up in their winter finest all seemed so calm.

I don't think anyone is worried about the end of the world, I thought to myself.

And me? I was trying to track down a printer for $49.99. I think if it was the end of the world, I wouldn't be tracking down a printer.

I might be in the car though. That's possible. And I'd probably abandon the Spongebob Advent Calendar at yesterday's discovery.

But since I feel no reason to do The Most Important Thing, I went ahead and opened Day 6.

my day was filled with frustration, as shown here by the tab I ripped trying to get the little door open

2nd one like this

and another Gary. I wish the chocolate tasted different today too.

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