Sunday, December 02, 2012

Advent adventure: 2nd day. I realize my day begins with a tiny chocolate bite.

I woke up realizing that each morning for the next few weeks will start out with a tiny embossed chocolate square.
There you are Day #2. I see you.
I don't usually start my day like this. But would I save it for later?
 Would I delay opening the tiny portal to see what's hiding below??

Patrick decorates himself as a Christmas tree.
I think not. 

Truthfully, were I in sunnier climes, that chocolate would melt in a flash. You'd better just down it or it'll be a sticky-finger memory. It's really just a taste. Not even a bite.

Today's surprise is Mr. Eugene Krabs. I often make a Christmas Crab brooch. Sometimes earrings too. I am getting excited by these tiny forms left behind when the chocolate comes out.

2 down. 30 to go.

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