Friday, March 22, 2013

Toronto Island: Day 7 Brrrrrning Man Pt. 2

We think it has snowed every single day of our residency. Almost certainly, it has been snowing at all of our lunches when we sat down and looked out the window. And it snowed during our potluck dinner. And it snowed as we packed into the van to go to the beach for the Spring bonfire. If it snowed at the beach I don't really know - I was kind of distracted - but by the time we headed to the van around 10pm to get our lift back to the residence it was COLD.

off to the island bonfire
I missed the trees hanging upside down from the other trees today. I had hoped the Christmas trees were actually set on fire while they were attached to the upright trees (I know this would be tricky) but it was not to be. In my mind's eye I make spectacles into things that are even more spectacular than real life. Creative minds, eh?

carrying our tree to the site
walking up to the site

crow signage all around the fire's edge

bonfire in progress
There was something extremely satisfying to me when I watched those tinder dry Christmas trees burn. I really did feel like we were seeing winter make way for spring. The heat and the flame from each tree as it was thrown onto the pile was magnificent and exciting. I think I believe Spring is here, snow or no snow. The old season is gone.

throwing a tree onto the fire
tree and wreath ready for the fire
small tree for the fire

Around the fire was a woman holding a crescent moon which made for great images against the fiery backdrop

sparks, crescent moon and moon in the sky moon
barefoot fire hoop dancer

kid-sized fire + kids roasting marshmallows

tambourine player

looked after the fire AND cooked foil wrapped potatoes in the fire

wore shades by the fire
potato, courtesy Christmas 2012/Spring 2013

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Jessica said...

Some incredibly gorgeous images in this post that must inspire paintings!Who were all the people? Artists? Locals?