Sunday, August 02, 2015

Artist in Residence-Pt 1 - Day 2 - Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill

My first real working day in residency was spent sorting myself out. And in between that I had a few visitors.

My first visitor was a father with his daughter who were looking for a bathroom for her. So my good deed for the day was accomplished. Later my collaborative ceramic friend Minda came by with her husband and they looked at my work and at the same time another artist dropped in.

The Gallery was quiet but I expected it.

I couldn't decide what to do, or even what to choose to do, so I did a simple task of reclaiming some canvases.
Even this simple gessoing is a pain in my small work spaces. But here I worked outside, using the garden hose to first wash the canvases off (5 years in storage) and then right after painting it rained.

No harm done. I hope to get something onto them today or tomorrow. I want to start.

waiting for tomorrow

Residency Info and Hours:
Mill Pond Gallery
314 Mill Street
Richmond Hill, ON

Gallery Open/Artist in Residence
July 31-Aug 6
HOURS in attendance:
Fri July 31: 1pm-8pm
Sat Aug 1: 12pm-5pm
Sun Aug 2: 12pm-5pm
Mon Aug 3: 1pm-8pm
Tues Aug 4: Gallery Open 1pm.
NOTE: I'm in attendance: 5:30pm-8pm
Wed Aug 5: 1pm-8pm
Thurs Aug 6: 1pm-10pm

The Interior of the Fridge Upon First Look: 3 bottle of wine, juice with Minion label, water, ice tea, old fruit, plates, container of peaches, and possibly my first still life subject.

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