Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Artist in Residence Pt 1 Day 4 - Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill

Yesterday I chose my image for my next woodcut.
My panel is Russian Birch meauring 24" x 36". I am carving by hand but I may use the Dremel tool in spots. We'll see if that's what's called for.

Today I spent the day transferring the drawing to the woodblock.
charcoal and compressed charcoal
This first step begins the process that makes this image my own which is slightly different from reality as it passes through my brain and into my carving hand.
FYI:  EZcut lino makes for a good eraser.
As an unexpected bonus I decided on an image to paint for one of my reclaimed canvases but not the big one.
I am going to put most of my energy into the woodcut since it is harder for me to find the space to carve than it is to paint on an easel. I want to use my time in residence in the best way I can for me.

I think my work table's surface is fascinating.

this one too.
Residency Info and Hours:
Mill Pond Gallery
314 Mill Street
Richmond Hill, ON

Gallery Open/Artist in Residence
July 31-Aug 6
HOURS in attendance:
Fri July 31: 1pm-8pm
Sat Aug 1: 12pm-5pm
Sun Aug 2: 12pm-5pm
Mon Aug 3: 1pm-8pm
Tues Aug 4: Gallery Open 1pm.
NOTE: I'm in attendance: 5:30pm-8pm
Wed Aug 5: 1pm-8pm
Thurs Aug 6: 1pm-10pm

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