Monday, August 03, 2015

Artist in Residence-Pt 1 - Day 3 - Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill

 Quiet Sunday at the Gallery. I met Roya today. She was the perfect person to drop in.  (Hi Roya!) Dan came by and we had a good artist talk and a couple pretty much ran through the whole exhibit without saying a word, though I heard them laughing upstairs, which is good cause my funny things are up there.
I made coffee and have been leaving my keys everywhere. Just like home.
I made big progress today. After viewing image after image on the computer I've chosen my next subject for a large scale woodcut in my suburbs series.  Ironically it came from an image I took this morning, and wasn't even on the hard drive, though what I will paint was, but I took that image a day ago. So, very fresh work. Love that.

garden with deer
I started transferring the image to the block but have another hour or so before I complete it. I placed the grid onto my canvas but left it at that. No idea what will go on my extra large canvas. In every way it is a blank to me. Long workday today. Hope to make great progress!

Residency Info and Hours:
Mill Pond Gallery
314 Mill Street
Richmond Hill, ON

Gallery Open/Artist in Residence
July 31-Aug 6
HOURS in attendance:
Fri July 31: 1pm-8pm
Sat Aug 1: 12pm-5pm
Sun Aug 2: 12pm-5pm
Mon Aug 3: 1pm-8pm
Tues Aug 4: Gallery Open 1pm.
NOTE: I'm in attendance: 5:30pm-8pm
Wed Aug 5: 1pm-8pm
Thurs Aug 6: 1pm-10pm

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