Sunday, March 11, 2012

8, 9 10 and the 11th of March, in Richmond Hill, 2012

The last few days were super-cold.

Snow off and on.

Even a white-out blizzard that came up out of nowhere on Friday.

And then we have today.

I saw a sign that said it was 21C here. That's really warm. The temperature gauge in the car said 18C at one point. The radio DJ kept saying 15C, but I already knew it was warmer than that. I was restless in the house and wanted to get out for a while. I even had a project in mind. More on that later.

So, I've spent the last few days just trying to settle into Richmond Hill again. It's unexpected, but I felt a bit of fondness for this place.

I love this storefront.

How weird is that? I know I was happy to be flying into Toronto and not Ottawa.

The great big city down below me just felt full of possibility.

And, in my continuing pursuit of a print a day, (yes I am still going to keep my word on this), I am getting out and taking pictures of stuff that I find interesting. Here are a few images.

linocut print submittied to the Ottawa School of Art Mini-Print Exhibition

scales made of raw clay
the start of a large scale project

Geese at the Richmond Hill Canoe Club

Lake Wilcox yesterday

cold sun


Houses in the neighbourhood are selling almost as soon as their signs go up
I wonder how many will be replaced with megahouses?

Warm day today but they are hedging their best with that parka

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