Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looking for Plastic Ants

We were looking for plastic ants the other day. We found a lot of plastic spiders, the butterflies were plentiful as were ladybugs, roaches and beetles. We even found crickets, but not an ant in sight.

I remember bags of plastic ants. Guess kids don't like ants much anymore.

Someone mentioned an Ants in the Pants game,
that maybe we could get ants from that. But there weren't any of those around either.

We settled on ant stickers which ended up being the best choice. This was all for an office prank for C's office. I was just along for the quest. It brought us to a few stores I never go in. One of these was a party store. They came close for ants. They had a miscellaneous bugs bin. No ants. What they did have were

(poor) Key West substitutes: printed vinyl scenes for your wall - 4' wide.
I have to admit I *loved* these especially this one

the wall of water

I'd need this palm to complete the look.

These were other looks


full body suits - look at that pose
Do you think it sells this product?

A pimpstick.

children's high tech weapon

children's low-tech weapon

small bag of babies for those of reproductive age

reminders for those advancing toward post-reproductive age

imagine getting this

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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