Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Visiting Hillary House and the Koffler Museum of Medicine

This historical site is to provide me with the inspiration for anywhere between 1-4 artworks to be shown at Hillary House as part of their 150th anniversary celebration this year. As one of the artists selected I will be given access to many aspects of the collection usually off-limits to the public. I need only decide what I will focus on. There are a lot of angles this project could take.

Aurora Ontario's only historical site: Hillary House and the Koffler Museum of Medicine. Celebrating 150 years this year it was the home to 5 doctors, 4 who practiced in the house itself. It was also home to the Doctor's family and many children grew up here, primarily the Hillary family.

Nora Hillary, the last resident of Hillary House.
She lived here from 1902-1993.

Consultation, examination, and surgery room at the front of the house for the Doctor in Residence. This stool was a three legged "lancing stool". The Dr. would sit backwards on the stool, resting his elbows on the back of it so he could steady himself while performing minor surgery.

Tools for the removal of tonsils; basically clamps to grab the tonsil and remove it. The 1914 price list on the wall showed separate prices for this surgery done with or without anaesthetic.

Excision of tonsils (in office without anaesthetic) $10.00 and $15.00

Excision of tonsils and adenoids (general anaesthetic) $20.00 and $30.00

elaborate staircase

well-worn step at the top

"Square" piano recognized as the earliest known piano by a Toronto maker John Thomas Morgan circa 1850

Portable melodeon: a piano-like small reed organ. Dr. Robert William Hillary would transport it to dances and social events where he would play the violin and his sisters or daughters would accompany him on the melodeon.

really intriguing lace pattern

Victorian era flush toilet.
Hillary House was possibly one of the first homes with indoor plumbing in the area.

Portable bathtub made of metal

Electric light switch

Westinghouse Toaster circa1915-17

very nice ceramic teapot

One of several postcard advertisements.
I am very interested in the items in this scrapbook, and all of the postcards in general.

heading out after my visit over more well-used stairs

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