Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March 5, 6, and 7

I've been home 6 days now and all I've done is ponder going for a walk. The walking hasn't happened. I came close today, as it was a surprising 16C outside, but instead of walking I just revelled in the warm air.

I am still coming down from my trip. I started looking at images and felt overwhelmed. Everything here feels bland bland and blander still. I made it to the Potter's Guild for our monthly meeting on Monday and was greeted with a rousing Hello by the members. That made me feel good to be back. We had a presenter, Phillipa, who showed the progression of her ceramics from yrs 1-4 at OCAD and now, 4 years after school. She has a penchant for The Sea and having just come from an island surrounded by the sea, I found myself talking way too much about Key West to her and others. Sometimes I can't seem to stop talking about stuff.

Yesterday I worked on a few small linos for my submission to the International Mini Print Exhibition at the Ottawa School of Art. I managed to create one good print and matted it. I sent it off this afternoon. I was working on a quartet of small linos but they weren't printing to my satisfaction, and I didn't have enough patience, or focus, to assess where they were going wrong, so I'll have to include them in some other project.

It was difficult working on my prints at home. My cats jumped up on my table, threatening to walk through the ink at any time. My linos were cold and hard. The carving didn't flow, and as much as I tried, I could only make images from Key West, even though I have been documenting my days since I got home. I'm going to have to dig deep to get interested in what's around me here.

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cs said...

Maybe it's ok for your art to still be in Key West for the time being. A similar thing has happened to me after a few moves: no matter how much I'm enjoying and exploring the new place, I find the old one more artistically interesting. I think time and distance helps filter out the most significant parts.

Good luck!