Friday, March 09, 2012

Look! Here's the next occupant/AIR of 607 Ashe Street-my beloved Studios of Key West cottage

I found the link to a blog by the new Studios of Key West artist in residence. Susan Lenz, a textile artist, now residing in the cottage I left a mere week ago.

I was really intrigued to see how her studio looks when she works. I was so worried about getting black ink onto those cream and white walls, doors and bathroom floors.

Her space looks s colourful compared to when I was there.

LOVE her creations. Take a look: here's her blog


Susan said...

Thanks so much for posting a link to my blog! Yes, the residency house is now a colorful mess ... with every garish color of polyester stretch velvet lying on the studio floor as my working palette. This place is incredible. Every day there's so many creative things happening at The Studios of Key West. It is a new balancing act: balancing the sights and sounds of a still slightly bohemian paradise, the many art/performance activities at TSKW, and the solitary gift of time in such a sun drenched, happy studio! Thanks for finding me!

Katie Argyle said...

Hi Susan

I found it tough to stay focused on my work while there for all the same reasons you mentioned. There really is so much to do and see. But, I kept thinking about my lack of space here at home and that kept me going. So glad you are also having a great time there; I can see it in your work! Don't you just love that porch?

All the best,