Monday, December 21, 2009

12:47pm and the days get longer just like that...

Happy Winter Solstice.


I've been waiting for the return of the sun. I know it's also officially winter now too but it may as well be winter given it feels, looks and smells like winter.

Now I can content myself that we are happily moving toward spring. I know I am self-deluded, but I am aware that every day we get a tiny bit more daylight, and the earth tilts those of us in the northern hemisphere a tiny bit more toward the sun. It's a small consolation for the snow and cold yet to come.

Let me have my delusions.


Timothy Hunt said...

Ah, Vive les Printemps! Thank you for a beacon to cast my weary eyes upon. Here's one for you:

Cats With Hands said...

The winter,so damn cold the world hides under the big white blanket. Stiff wind, a nasty aqua velva slap.
I await the first breath of Spring like morning coffee, crawling out of my cardboard box, the wrinkles falling from my overcoat.

Johnny Dollar said...

Shine on you crazy diamond!