Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Can't Do It.

There was a time when I just went out there and did stuff. I can't bring myself to brave the -18C temperatures right now to get to the By Ward Market building to set up my stand and wait to see if someone wants my artwork. I have reasonable boots, even bought toe warmers. I have a winter rated parka, new winter hat and mitts. But I'm not sure it will be "worth it".
Whatever that means.
My work is ready but it seems my spirit is not willing to stand in the cold until the sun disappears and I am so chilled to the bone that even a hot bath won't warm me up. THAT'S what I am thinking about. I don't want to risk getting sick.
Am I old? I never used to care about these things. It makes me sad, but it still doesn't make me want to go...

So, sorry if you were thinking about finding me out there and saying hello.
There's always email and this blog to reach me.

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Timothy Hunt said...

Hey Katie, you're not getting older, you're getting smarter. It's one thing to be hardy, but you don't need to lose a few toes over selling a painting. Chin up and enjoy your hot bath.