Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Comfort: mixed media - Prime Corps Windows

Cold Comfort: mixed media by Katie Argyle
November 4th to December 31st, 2009
Prime Corps Windows, Bank at Somerset Street Ottawa

Uncomfortable # 1 paper, polyester, ink 50 " x 60", 2009

Uncomfortable #2 paper, polyester, ink 50" x 60", 2009

Uncomfortable #1 detail
handmade prints from linos made of/during the 2008 bus strike, hand-sewn behind lightweight
blanket which was cut away to reveal images, blanket edges unravelling

Uncomfortable #2 detail

Resignation, 30 x 60 approx acrylic on canvas 2009

Two pieces side by each

View of the three Prime Corps Windows from across the street

Resignation 30" x 60" approx, acrylic on canvas SOLD

Cold Comfort
Artist Statement
I measure all the seasons in Ottawa by their relation to winter. Spring is the best as it's the furthest away. Summer is great but as soon as the summer solstice arrives the days start getting shorter and this leads my brain to thinking about winter's approach. Fall is known for the last few days of warmth before winter's arrival. And all of a sudden, and often too soon, winter is here. Last year winter was accompanied by a two month bus strike. This struck me as particularly cruel and harsh. The community was never more united than in their exhaustion at dealing with winter weather and trying to figure out how to get around and not knowing when things would right themselves. A community of close to a million people were united by these events: call it cold comfort.

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Timothy Hunt said...

Great show Katie. "Resignation" really says it all. I already feel that way and it is only the beginning of winter.