Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Annual Galletta Gift Loft Christmas Sale

I spent last weekend in the town of Galetta. It's near the larger town of Kinburn, and the even larger city of Arnprior.

I was part of the 2nd annual Galetta Gift Loft show.

My friend Tim and I were planted in the sunroom enjoying the vast amount of treats in the kitchen beside us, the bottomless cups of coffee and warm apple cider, and the fresh individually wrapped sandwiches which Suzanne had on hand for her artisan guests.

To say we felt taken care of is an understatement. Thanks Suzanne.

But taking care of people is what Suzanne does. She has two small businesses: the Galetta Gift Loft , composed of her painted glassware and she also runs Therapeutic Body Care, massages and spas, from out of her Galetta home. Suzanne and I are concocting some co-operative ideas to do with my mirrors of positive affirmation and creative expression in general as forms of healing and we hope to offer spa days and art days together in the near future. Kind of a "love yourself and express it" sort of thing.

After I left for the day on Saturday I was told the next morning that Suzanne's dog Ben was heard growling and growling in the sunroom. Apparently Ben did not like the look of this bison friese in my painting and they were forced to turn the painting around to get Ben to stop growling.

Who knew my work was that realistic? Though I do know my art does provoke an emotional reaction...humans and dogs it seems.

Here's Ben and the painting that offends him in the window.

And here's Ben walking our host Suzanne.

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