Thursday, December 03, 2009

Jerome Havre - Ottawa Art Gallery - Fibred-Optics Show

I visited the Ottawa Art Gallery's new exhibit called Fibred-Optics and found a few really intriguing exhibits but the creations of Jerome Havre completely surprised me. I love the choice of materials, I love the display, their suspension in mid air tenuously connected to the concrete block on the floor. I loved the detail of these pieces and the altered photograph on the wall in the back here was so powerful to me I could barely take it.

From the OAG's website we have this description:

Jérôme Havre’s toy-like, soft-nylon mythical sculptures are reminiscent of Yinka Shonibare’s aliens. They encourage the viewer to reflect on the 'us' and 'them' divide, acts of suturing, as well as processes of synthesis and hybridity.

The pieces, and the room as whole, vibrate at a very high rate.
Very powerful. Go see for yourself.

The Ottawa Art Gallery
Arts Court,
2 Daly Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario

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