Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photo Essay: Saturday Dec 12 2009

Byward market building with hardy outdoor vendors

lots of clothing outdoors

local maple syrup

local pine boughs, centerpieces and wreaths

local dance troop raising funds

boy step dancing (aka clogging??)

commotion outside draws me out of the school of art where I am working

a bit chaotic outside-horses parked in no parking zone

Vancouver van

Olympic torch passing through

passing by with the flame lit by the sun on Mt. Olympus

walks for the crowd

torch handed off to next runner

he runs

ta da!

On my way home I stop by Tickled Pink in the Byward Market building

Look to see how my little paintings are doing in the store

I sold two; will bring more

Off the bus at home I see the rink lit up

They're flooding the rink now

that's got to be a cold job

waving that water around, guess it's really winter again

Home looks good.

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Timothy Hunt said...

Thanks for the snapshot of familiar places and the view of your day:)