Saturday, March 02, 2013

An eventful end of Feb & start to March

This week I bought a Richesons' Baby Press, due to be delivered on Tuesday if there is one in the warehouse and in a month if it has to be ordered. This press can do relief and intaglio prints. While called a baby, it will do a 9 x 13 sized print and that's a good size, certainly big enough for me to make some artist books.

Also I found out I am going to have a summer vacation and live like a hippie for 10 days at Bluesfest in Ottawa. I just want to take everything in. I had expected we wouldn't be going on vacation anywhere so this was a great, welcome, surprise.

And then our rescued cat Looloo came down with a stuffed up nose and her breathing got harder and harder so she went to the vet for a shot of antibiotics. 

This morning, as I write this, her whole body is still working hard to get her enough air. Last time this happened it took two days for some real change to happen and today is day two. Happily, she's not hiding. It does break my heart though.

And today we are off to Seedy Saturday York region version at Vaughan City Hall. 

Seeds seeds seeds.
Lookng forward to seeing all those seeds.

And after this, a car ride to Hamilton to meet someone at The Oldest Tim Horton's in Canada. 

Apparently there is a museum on site. 
Also, this Tim Horton's is located in a Famous Textile District that I have never heard of.

Many many photo ops today. The camera battery is charging and I'm clearing my memory card.  BBL.

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