Sunday, March 17, 2013

Toronto Island: Day Three & on the road again

drawing detail
Today we completed a large scale drawing , and then we retreated to the comfort of the kitchen where I made a roasted eggplant and mushroom lasagna with organic brown rice noodles as we contemplated our work and what we would do next. Since we started drawing #2 we realized we were totally wiped out and we ended up retreating to our room, to the kitchen, to books and sketching deciding to pick up the next drawing tomorrow. The light was beginning to fade and the studio lights are not great. We have to work by day.  So I took the opportunity to ride my bike past where we hiked yesterday, all the way to the extreme end of the island and Hanlan's Point. I was told there was a monumental sculpture of Ned Hanlan and figured this was reason enough to go for a ride.

2km later I had arrived.

and behind me was the statue

 and there there was a bronze plaque with more info about Ned

and a boat called Ned Hanlan

Just a few feet away were other plaques

Babe Ruth made his first home run nearby. The only home run he made in the minor leagues it says.

 Other signs popped up along my route

 and the iconic sign you are on an island, which is very much deserted on a Sunday in March


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