Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toronto Island: Day 7 Brrrning Man pt 1

salt lamp outside my room at 6:30am
I woke up early with a bike ride on my mind. I wanted to drive in the opposite direction to where I was the other day. I wanted to get to the ferry dock for Ward's Island where we would be going tomorrow on our trip off the island.

So, creeping out I went around the corner into the main hallway
salt lamp in main hallway
turned the corner and saw CJ waiting for me in the shadowy dawn.

We walked to the kitchen together, where I saw someone had already fed the kitty

so I headed out the door to my bike and went for a morning ride.

I passed a frosty boardwalk to Gibraltor Point Beach

a house with sap buckets on the other side of the street,

formal gardens,

a farm,

a sound sculpture bundled up for the winter

trees with icy patches on them along the water's edge

and large patches of solid ice.

I oriented myself and headed back to begin the day

sofa and saltlamps on the way to our studio

We spent the day wrestling with drawing#3, which won, and then all the residents here joined in on one of the best potlucks I have ever had. 3 kinds of salad, cheese, crackers, fruit, pizza, chcken, fish desserts. Such a great communal atmosphere here at Gibraltor Point. Several of us were very sad to be leaving tomorrow.

salt lamp chandelier, tulips, artsts
kitchen conversation and clean up

After our fine meal we got dressed and headed to the van to join the islanders for their Spring Ritual: burning their Christmas trees on the beach. This was the Gibraltor Point Residence tree on its way to be transformed.
To be continued...

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cs said...

How did you like Ward's Island? I used to imagine that Key West was like it, but warmer.