Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Toronto Island: Day 5 non-plein aire

 Today was a day to pursue other art projects. Gail went off island for the day so I focused on the empty canvases and hunted for a spot to start a painting. Shirley and I had planned to go en plein aire but the wind and the snow kept us indoors looking out.

paints packed up. canvas awaits.

Everyday CJ comes around. He merrows outside under my window and I get up and let him in. He merrows down the hall from me and I get up and feed him. I do the same at home for Looloo and Caesar. He, I am sure, is happy to find a trained human.

CJ came with us as we searched for something to paint.

This is what caught my eye:

and this is what caught his eye just to the left of me:

 After a few hours my vantage point was translated into this painting

Just as I finished Shirley's nephew Ben arrived to visit her and I benefited from his fondness for his aunt as he brought with him 2 kinds of cheese, a hearty bread, a bottle of Greek wine.  Shirley prepared lentil soup. 
off-island bounty: bread, cheese, wine, apples and a diet coke
 Raising the standards EVEN MORE for visitors coming to see us at a residency, Ben did the dishes.

That's the best guest you can hope for.

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Michael said...

Love the painting! Consider one of your paint-gear bag, too. Nice colors. Glad CJ is there for you and that you understand proper behavior.