Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I Found the Titanic in the Basement

 During our trip to Ottawa Street we found this great, GREAT, second hand store. I did not expect to find the Titanic. 
This could be one of my favorite folk art finds ever. Someone should own this. Wish it was me. However --

handmade replica of the titanic: wood, rope, metal rivets, chain approx 6' long

front right

front left

one of many figures on board-none are very happy -- do they know their fate??

love the rivet, the faces, the positioning

look at this poor soul

that life boat looks far away

several figures toward the back of the ship
one side of the back end

other side hidden from view and looking forward from the back


figures below
figures above lounging around the pool

happy guy

lucky charm? they needed a few more on that ship


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Jessica said...

Do you know anything more - who made it and when?