Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toronto Island: Day 2 and behind door number 1

 Today we spent the morning working on our drawings. Since the residency is fairly deserted over the weekend, CJ the resident cat demanded our attention and let us know he wanted out.

Taking his lead I peeped out our door to see freshly fallen snow. Not much, but it wasn't melting so it was below zero, yet again. Overcast, yet again. Windy and cold, yet again. 

 But out we went anyway. It's March. In Canada. We could be waiting another month for it to be warm and our residency ends at the end of next week so let's go.

our studio from the outside
 Walking in front of the studio and going around the corner we saw the Gibraltor Point Lighthouse across the street.

Moving closer I fell in love with its lipstick red door.

Walking back across the front of the residency

we explored along the sides and the back of the property and were pleased to know we are well protected on the island

Rogue Wave (2007) in(secure) by Paul Grajauskas

This post is securing the Island
to the lake floor.
Removal or loosening of the
---tener will dislodge the island.

the gas station
Around the corner behind the post were a seies of portables; studio spaces for musicians.
The doors to these spaces were intriguing.

door number 3

the space between portables

bike rentals

bikes to rent and trailer with bumper sticker:

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